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Zambia embarks on a US $152,381 road rehabilitation

Zambia has embarked on a US $152,381 peri-urban road rehabilitation project after a concluded road survey by Luanshya Municipal Council (LMC) engineering department.

According to Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda, the rehabilitation is aimed at opening up new areas for agriculture activities using locally generated resources.

Chanda added that the project for grading and graveling feeder roads are important not only to farmers but also in improving the movement of goods to and from the market especially where the roads were impassable.

Rehabilitation works
The road rehabilitation project which will be seen through by China Henan under the township road project,is expected to start from Kitwe turn off to Luanshya civic center.Luanshya is also expected to have the 45km Fisenge-Masangano road constructed soon.The mayor urged business community to partner with the council in order to help with logistics such as contributing fuel for the earth moving equipment that will be used to rehabilitate the roads.


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