This revolutionary oil management system will help save our planet


CirculOil – the revolutionary oil management system that brings circularity and efficiency to engine lubrication – is pleased to announce that pre-registration is now open, giving potential investors exclusive early access to CirculOil’s crowdfunding campaign.

CirculOil seeks to drive circularity and eliminate pollution from waste oil. The company has a patented cartridge technology and lubrication system that allows waste oil to be collected and re-processed effectively and safely. CirculOil is installing applications in a number of off road and industrial applications and is on a mission to build the circular economy ecosystem. 

Pre-registering your interest in CirculOil comes with no obligation to invest, but you will be one of the first to have the opportunity to own a piece of the company before it launches to the general public.


The crowdfunding campaign opens to private, pre-registered investors at the start of May and investors are being encouraged to pre-register today in order to have the opportunity to own a piece of CirculOil and help to protect our fragile planet. 

Steve Goodier, Founder and Chief Executive, CirculOil, says: “With your investment we can bring efficiency and circularity to many more customers. At CiruclOil we seek solutions to protect our planet. At the core of our products and services we have developed a bespoke Circular Ecosystem that can effectively and efficiently manage every single oil change; enabling a complete closed-loop ecosystem.

“Your investment will allow us to accelerate our growth and protect the environment from waste oil. We have received a high level of interest and are confident we can reach our target, after which we’ll remain open in overfunding until we reach our maximum target.

“We will invest in people, partnerships, technology and marketing. We now want our customers, employees, suppliers and friends to have the opportunity to own a piece of the company and join us on our journey.”

If you are interested in joining CirculOil on this exciting journey visit the Pre-Registration page and enter your email address along with a non-committal indication of the level of support you are considering investing. CirculOil will keep you up to date on the progress of the campaign.

Find out more about CirculOil and how to invest in this groundbreaking circular economy company now.


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