Small scale miner in Tanzania discovers tanzanite gemstones

Small scale miner in Tanzania discovers tanzanite gemstones

A small- scale miner in Tanzania has discovered two tanzanite gemstones valued at Sh2.2 billion (US $1million).

The country’s Minerals Permanent Secretary, Adolf Nduguru announced that the Simanjiro miner, Anselim Kawishe discovered the gemstones weighing 3.74kg and 1.48kg. They are respectively valued at Sh1.5bn and Sh713.8 million.

Kawishe is the latest Tanzanian billionaire who owes his wealth to mining thanks to what miners says are laws that allow small-scale miners to reap the rewards of their hard work. In 2020, another Simanjiro small -scale miner Saniniu Laizer became a shilling billionaire after he sold two Tanzanite stones valued at Sh7.7 billion.

Mining sector

The two gemstones, which had a total weight of 14.13kg, were the biggest ever to be found in the country, according to government authorities. Speaking during the announcing function, Minerals minister, Mr Doto Biteko said the event of announcing Tanzanite bllionaires is the third to be held in the country, after the two that occurred in Longido.

“When I informed President Samia Suluhu Hassan about this, she said that it should be sold quickly and the miner should be paid all of his money,” he said.

Mr Biteko said, the mining sector has continued to perform well as this year along with the contribution to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) reached at 7.9 percent from 5.7 percent which was recorded previous. In addition, he said later this year the ministry will announce three large mines.

“I am in front of you to show you the fruits of the Tanzanite minerals. I am also grateful to the government for continuing to improve the mining sector. I did not expect that there will be a day when I will standing here carrying such big gem,” said Mr Kavishe.


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