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RN Series: Reliable signal processing and conditioning

The new portfolio of compact interface modules by Endress+Hauser are designed to power, condition, isolate and protect your analog signal loop​.

New interface components for reliable power supply, switching and signal doubling in safety systems

The RN Series interface modules power the foundation of measurement instrument loops and safety instrumented systems built on the widely used analog process control infrastructure.

The intrinsically safe signal processing and conditioning devices (up to SIL 2 (SC 3) in accordance with IEC 61508) ensure reliable power supply and safe operations in hazardous areas, establishing a trusted signal link between field instruments and the process control level.

Smart power

Smart functions such as NAMUR signal conversion, line fault monitoring, galvanic signal isolation, signal doubling, output signal amplification with bidirectional HART transparency give operators control and flexibility in systems of any scale, protecting assets and safeguarding data signal integrity in the process.

The RN Series at a glance:

  • RN22: (RN42*): Active/passive barrier; signal doubler
  • RLN22: (RLN42*): NAMUR isolating amplifier
  • RNO22: Output isolating amplifier
  • RNB22: System power supply (single or redundant)
  • RNF22: Feed-in and error message module

* variant for wide range power supply (24-230V AC/DC), available in Q4 2021

Typical application scenarios:

2- and 4-wire (4 to 20 mA) instruments (e.g. Cerabar PMP71, Proline 200/300, ModuLine TM131, …)

  • RN22 active barrier, sensor supply with HART transparency

Data managers (e.g. Memograph M RSG45)

  • RN22 signal doubler

Point level switches (e.g. Liquiphant FTL51)

  • RLN22 or RLN42 NAMUR isolating amplifier

Active components (e.g. control valves, actuators)

  • RNO22 isolating output amplifier

RNB22 230 V/110 VAC to 24 VDC system power supply

  • RNF22 Feed-in & error message module, redundant power supply

Seamless system integration

All RN Series interface modules perfectly integrate with Endress+Hauser instruments, and work equally seamlessly with instruments from other vendors. The compact, space-saving housings with up to two channels on 12.5 mm are plug-and-play ready for standard DIN rails and control cabinets.

The multi-platform T-connector bus system ensures fast and easy commissioning and interoperability with compatible interface vendors.

The RN Series promotes simplicity every step of the way: from easy selection and supply, to installation, commissioning, service and troubleshooting. Independent of the industry, our customers benefit from a single source partnership at all stages of the measuring device and process loop life cycle.

Measurement instrument loops built on analog signal infrastructure are widely used across industries. As your expert partner for process automation, industrial instrumentation, services and solutions, Endress+Hauser now offers customers a simple and cost-effective path to completing safe and reliable measurement applications from sensors to the control cabinet and beyond.

– Thomas Müller, Global Product Manager
Endress+Hauser Temperature+System Products

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