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Libya to allow export of locally quarried marble

Libya to allow export of locally quarried marble

The government of Libya has announced plans to allow export of locally quarried marble. The revelation was made by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals following a tour of a leading mine in eastern Libya by Deputy Minister for Mining Affairs.

During the tour, Deputy Minister Moncef Al-Shalawi was briefed on one of the mining sites in Al-Mabani area of Tokra, which the Ministry described as is one of the largest and finest marble quarries in Libya. The Ministry said the site operated by the Mountain World Company is considered to be of high productivity and of a quality that exceeds its counterparts that are imported from regional countries and some European countries.


Through this visit, the Ministry seeks to assist the company in exporting its marble products, in coordination with it the Libyan Export Promotion Centre (LEPC). The Ministry said the series of visits by the Deputy Minister to the eastern region comes in the framework of its policy of localizing industry, whether in the public or private sectors alike, by providing all the facilities needed by companies and factories.

The mining industry of Libya does not contribute significantly to its economy. Mining resources are located in remote regions with limited accessibility. The identified sources of minerals relate to diamondiferous kimberlites in the East Saharan craton and metamorphic belts with potential for gold in the southern region of the country.

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