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IronRidge Resources Limited to secure mining permit for lithium at the Ewoyaa

IronRidge Resources Limited to secure mining permit for lithium at the Ewoyaa

Mining giants, IronRidge Resources Limited has announced plans to commence the process of securing mining permit to begin mining of lithium at the Ewoyaa portfolio in Ghana.

The move follows the company findings of significant quantities of Lithium deposits at Ewoyaa near Saltpond. Exploration Manager at IronRidge Resources Limited, Iwan Williams, said after the scoping study, a revenue totalling 1.5 billion has been estimated with 14.5 million tonnes of the lithium deposit. They plan to commence mining by the close of the year.

“We are prospecting and it would continue until we have found some significant quantities of the mineral. We intend to approach the government of Ghana hopefully this year but it is subject to a successful feasibility study,” said Williams.

Preliminary Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization test-work confirmed Ewoyaa concentrate near Saltpond produces high purity, battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate. The Australian company has been prospecting for lithium for some months at the Ewoyaa and other communities near Saltpond.

Lithium project

The Exploration Manager explained the company has been prospecting for lithium at the Ewoyaa portfolio for months and they are confident something of significant value would emerge from their activities. The lithium project includes the Ewoyaa, Abonko and Kaampakrom deposits. The Ewoyaa Lithium Project is a hard-rock, pegmatite (spodumene rich) hosted system with mineralization beginning near-surface and extending to depths exceeding 200m.

The width of the pegmatite veins varies from greater than 100m to less than a metre and have a strike length exceeding 20km of a continuous structure. In the more continuous sections of the Ewoyaa Main Zone, the pegmatite thickness is typically 30m to 60m.

In Ghana, it owns the Cape Coast Lithium portfolio, which covers approximately 684 square km and also includes the Ewoyaa Lithium Project. In Chad, the company owns the Dorothe Gold Project, Echbara gold project and AM Ouchar gold project.

In Australia, it owns the Monogorilby bauxite/titania project, which is located approximately 55 km from a dormant rail system with connections to the Port of Bundaberg and covers approximately 1,484 square km. The Company also owns the Saltpond license and Cape Coast application in Ghana.IronRidge Resources Ltd is an Australia-based minerals exploration company that’s focused on gold and lithium in West African jurisdictions. In Cote d’Ivoire, it owns an approximately 3,584 square kilometre (km) gold portfolio, which includes its flagship Zaranou gold project, which includes a 47 km long gold prospective structure.

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