Industrial Shredders in Mining


Industrial shredders are machines that are used to grind or cut through hard materials and terrains. These are very handy in mining as these can dig and tear the hard matter on earth. These can also be used to process the debris collected.

Industrial shredders are high powered equipment and are often designed as per the needs. The size or composition of the material to be processed determines the type of grinder to be used.

Working of Industrial Shredders:

Industrial shredders operate at a slow speed. The higher torque enables the shredders not to stress the motor much and use up minimal energy. Slower speed and high torque generate enough pressure to pierce through both dry and wet materials.

Shredders cut, grind, hammer, and compress the materials. Some shredders also perform shaking and sorting.

Routine monitoring of the equipment is a crucial factor in maintaining its efficiency. It’s critical to make sure there’s enough power and cutting force to reach your final product.

Types of Industrial Shredders Used in Mining

Multiple types of shredders are used in the mining industry. These types are based on their function and application. Following are some types of industrial shredders that are used in mining:

Grinders as Shredders:

Grinders can be high or low speed shredders that use pressure and abrasion to grind materials. Wheels and plates may be used to pulverize matter into granules.

Shredding Through Chippers:

These chip off materials in the form of flakes. Chippers do that with the help of high speed rotating knives. It can be done in single or multiple stages. Materials can be fed either manually or automatically into the chippers.

Granulators in Mining:

Granulators are usually used in the mining or fertilizer industry. In mining it is used to recycle the materials extracted.

Hammermills in Mining:

As the name suggests, it uses force to shatter matter in mining. It uses rotating hammers to perform its function. The material, structure, and distribution of hammers control the size of resultant particles.

Shear Shredders:

Shear shredders perform cutting and slicing of materials instead of grinding and crushing. This is done by rotary cutters or specially designed knives. Shear shredders differ in structure and composition depending upon their application.

Special Shredders:

These are manufactured to serve peculiar purposes. Depending upon the terrain or material, specialty shredders can be customized by combining the functionality of any of the above shredders.

All Purpose Shredders:

Large, very minimal speed, high-torque rods with carbide cams or studs, occasionally with hydraulic rams to aid with the intake, make up the machinery. These are majorly used for large scale demolition projects. External systems that remove toxic liquids, gases, or solids, and filter metals from other materials are frequently used in conjunction with them. This functionality comes in very handy, especially in coal mining.

Benefits of Industrial Shredders in Mining:

Industrial shredders have a myriad of applications in the mining industry. These can be used to process materials in the field as well as indoors. Using industrial shredders in mining has the following benefits:

  • These consume very little energy as compared to the force they can exert.
  • These produce high torque to split hard materials.
  • It decreases human input. Most shredders have an automated feeding mechanism.
  • These produce increased output as compared to human force.
  • These can shred diverse terrains and materials during mining.
  • Shredders have low maintenance costs.
  • These not only grind and cut materials but are also used to recycle and filter out required objects.


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