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Ghana Mining Week opens in Takoradi

Ghana Mining Week opens in Takoradi

The Ghana Mining Week has officially been opened in Takoradi. The mining week coded; “Gold Expo”, is a mining policy platform initiated by Viewtag-Ghana and organised by the Western Regional Coordinating Council

The platforms aims to create a dialogue on alternatives to end the application of deadly chemicals in mining in accordance with the Minamata Convention on mercury and, gold traceability. Activities for the event included a mining policy forum, diplomatic mining field trip, launching of mercury free plant by Popo Cee, and recognising Ghana’s responsible Gold mining.

Mr. Steven Ackah, lead for Viewtag- Ghana Gold Expo, a policy advocacy body focused mainly on the promotion of zero mercury and responsible mining said participants would be exposed to new technologies and innovations in the gold mining industry, connect and network with over 500 attendees from 35 countries, including government officials and stakeholders in the mining value chain.

Small scale mining

The Mining Week will be held in Takoradi, the Western Region of Ghana, but the field trips will be to a small scale mining site in the region, a water body and Gold Fields Tarkwa-Damang site. The 2021 Mining Week is being organized by the Western Regional Coordinating Council and ViewTag-Ghana Gold Expo a partner of Aurum Monaco, the leader of the global Responsible Jewelry Council with technical support from the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources.

Mr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, the Western Regional Minster noted that the laws of Ghana allowed Ghanaians to mine gold profitably and in a socially responsible manner.

“It is a common knowledge that in many countries across Africa, Artisanal and Small Scale (Gold) Mining (ASGM) is a livelihood and also plays a socio-cultural role. This was attested to by the several gold, diamonds and silver ornaments that were displayed at various social ceremonies,” said Mr. Kwabena.

In Ghana, it is estimated that about 1.5 million people are directly engaged in small scale mining, while a significant proportion of the population indirectly also depended on the gold trade to make a living. In spite of their economic importance, small-scale mining activities sometimes involved illegal and irresponsible practices that had dire health and safety consequences for the operators and the operational communities. This, Mr. Kwabena explained, was due to the employment of sub-standard operations in mining and processing the target minerals.


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