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GEOSCAN GOLD premium quality on-belt elemental analyzer for minerals

GEOSCAN GOLD premium quality on-belt elemental analyser for minerals

GEOSCAN GOLD applications premium measurement performance for demanding applications.  High quality real time elemental analysis for conveyed flows where precision and short measurement times are essential for optimal control.

Ideal for bulk diversion (bulk sorting) and fine control where elements at ppm levels need to be measured or determined from proxies, such as gold, platinum group elements, silver, toxic contaminants e.g. mercury, cadmium, chlorine, etc.

GEOSCAN GOLD technology

GEOSCAN GOLD incorporates a high performance proprietary detector array giving a better, cleaner spectrum at lower concentrations for superior element recognition.  The sophisticated array overcomes limitations of conventional, low efficiency detection systems.  The GEOSCAN GOLD can operate at extremely high count rates with negligible pulse pile-up.

This innovation vastly improves the signal to noise ratio and spectral peak resolution, enabling elemental detection at lower levels.

GEOSCAN GOLD advantages
  • Ultra-compact design. Installs between standard idlers
  • Unmatched proven performance
  • Operational at completion of commissioning
  • Customised calibrations
  • Three models cater for belts 600mm to 2400mm and bed depths to 530mm
  • No contact with material or conveyor belt
  • No sampling necessary during normal operation
  • No wear parts = low maintenance
  • Optional customised SUPERSCAN console
  • Interface to most process control systems
  • Proven short paybacks in many applications (bulk diversion, blending, monitoring, feed forward, etc.) to optimise plant performance.
GEOSCAN GOLD description

The GEOSCAN GOLD Elemental Analysis System is a compact, fully integrated, single IP65 rated enclosure, which is installed on the conveyor and monitors the full flow of ore and concentrates, without the need for routine samples to be taken and analysed.

The GEOSCAN GOLD provides real time information, with updates as often as every 30 seconds with high measurement precisions. Trace elements can be measured to ppm levels with high confidence.

Typical elements analysed are Gold, Copper, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Silver, Titanium, Sulphur and Chlorine. It is used in precious metals, PGEs, base metals, lithium, diamond ores and other critical commodities.  This premium technology provides real time analysis of the important quality parameters for process control.  The analyser is fully contained in the single, heavily shielded enclosure that contains the radioactive source, gamma-ray detection assembly and all electronics. Industry standard communication outputs are available for interface with any plant control system or with Scantech’s SUPERSCAN output display system installed in any suitable remote location.

Scantech’s Analysers Scantech provides the recycling, energy, mining, coal, steel and cement sectors with analysers for a wide range of applications and environments.  Scantech can deliver online solutions that suit your process, reduce your operating costs and minimise Health, Safety and Environmental risks for your operations.  Whether you need to monitor moisture, ash, sulphur, mineral or energy content we have the right application for your needs and budget.

Real time analysis during the various phases of production provides operators with significant opportunities for plant optimisation and quality control.  Over the past three decades, Scantech analysers have become a standard process control tool in the resources and recycling sectors. Scantech analysers are a fundamental component of companies’ digital technology strategies utilising real time measurement systems to enable core processes to become fully integrated, autonomous, remote and automated.


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