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Fleetcool is an ideal coolant solution for light-to-medium duty diesel and gas engines

The Fleetcool antifreeze and coolant range of products from Cummins provides superior engine protection and simplified maintenance programmes. Fleetcool is a cost-effective, standard life coolant with a Borate buffer and low-silicate formulation. It is ideal for all light-to-medium duty diesel and gas engines, protecting against liner pitting and corrosion in all other system metals. It is also compatible with all Fleetguard DCA liquids and filters.

Cummins Filtration Africa and Middle East Technical Services Support Lead Tim Hayward explains that Fleetcool complements its other coolant brands, namely ES Compleat Hybrid and ES Compleat OAT (organic acid technology). “As our engine technology improves, we always strive to improve our products to keep up with technological advances.”

All Fleetguard coolant products in Africa are Ethylene Glycol (EG) based. EG is the component that prevents the coolant fluid from either boiling or freezing. Cummins uses different levels of EG in its product formulations, dependent on region-specific requirements.

Cummins Filtration Africa and Middle East Technical Services Support Lead Tim Hayward.

The more EG in a formulation, the higher the level of protection afforded against boiling or freezing. Fleetcool, for example, contains significantly less EG than both Fleetguard hybrid and OAT formulations, due to it being a standard lifespan coolant, whereas the others are extended-service products.

When mixing Fleetcool Concentrate, good-quality water is of paramount importance to ensure optimal performance. Here ‘good’ water is of a higher quality than even potable water, Hayward notes, as Fleetcool requires particular levels of sulphates, fluorides, and chlorides in its make-up water.

“We also supply an easy-to-use dip strip type test for customers to determine quickly whether the water being used is of an acceptable quality,” Hayward adds. If in doubt, customers are urged to use demineralised water as the safest and most effective option.

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