Denver- Altus Strategies PLC secures silver, copper projects in Morocco

Denver- Altus Strategies PLC secures silver, copper projects in Morocco

Denver- Altus Strategies PLC has secured silver and  copper mining projects in Morocco, paving way for expansion of operations.

The company said the new operations will cover an area of over 57 square miles, and the future sites will be located near the cities of Ouarzazate and Tinghir.  Altus has named the new sites the Agoudim Silver Project, the Assif Silver & Gold Project, the Anezal Base Metal Project, and Tazoult Silver Project. Additionally, the Agdz Copper-Silver Project, already under operation, will be expanded under terms from the contract.

“The new projects are strategically well located less than twenty five miles from other sites currently in operation,” said CEO of Altus, Steve Poulton.

New agreement

The new agreements brings the total projects Altus is operating in Morocco to fourteen. The projects are spread throughout central, southeastern, and southwestern portions of the North African country. Altus will deploy its survey teams to assess the potential for revenue at each location. Teams will use “in-house remote sensing” technology to prioritize areas for further exploration.

Altus is a UK-based mining royalty company, which explores potential mining opportunities, where it then grants permission for mining companies to extract minerals at its sites in exchange for a share of the mined deposits. Altus is heavily focused on the African continent, and the company has projects located in Morocco, Cameroon, Mali, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The company highlights its diversified portfolio with operations currently mining silver, copper, gold, iron, zinc, and lead.




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