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Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

At Expedio, it’s our mission is to take away the pain and frustration that often comes with capturing and managing large amounts of geological data,  and we deliver it in a reliable and timely manner. We call this “Always Accurate Data.”

We’re made up of a longstanding team of highly experienced geo-scientists and IT personnel with ‘hands-on’ field experience and in-depth understanding of the mining industry.

We help companies turn their data into a valuable asset that they can trust all of the time. High-quality geoscientific data is where the long-term value is in a mining operation or exploration company.

This has tremendous benefits for businesses and ultimately results in cost savings, time efficiencies and improved data quality.

We make sure we’re flexible and have a strategic approach for our clients. We offer a scalable data management solution designed to evolve with our clients over time, spanning all phases of project development and across all commodities

We help companies capture data with a combination of a clean data process and a well-designed data capture solution that is flexible, reliable and can be used for all types of field work.

We help companies manage their data and ensure all stakeholders have reliable data and advanced reports at their fingertips allowing them to focus on the project development.

We help companies with advanced database administration services. This means all legacy data management systems and advanced tasks such as database audits, optimization, query development, scheduling and security controls are sorted.

We help companies with historic compilations and migrate legacy data into new systems. We also audit their process, tools and the validity of their existing databases to ensure compliance and good governance.


Expedio offers clients an easy to manage, scalable data management solution that will rapidly deliver accurate data from field collection and lab testing ready for local, regional and corporate reporting.

Expedio have implemented and supported projects around the world since 1999 including in; Ghana, Guinea, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania, Australia, Canada, China, UK, Sweden, Romania, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, PNG,  Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and many more.



  • Standardised data model for a variety of work types
  • Utilising standard Windows environments
  • Scalable SQL Server system


  • Process driven configuration to client specification
  • Process driven upgrades and support
  • Process driven data management


  • Rapid offline data entry
  • On the fly validation
  • Calculated fields
  • Export data tracking status


Process driven management

  • Rapid, clean and controlled data flow enabled by validating data at the point of collection and export status tracking
  • Bulk data loading of field and laboratory files
  • Reconciliation between sample submissions and assay results
  • Easy validation and clean-up tools
  • Automated coordinate transformations
  • Automated azimuth rotations and magnetic drift modelling
  • Polygon loading and management
  • Automated Spatial Flagging of sampling points by outline boundaries such as tenement, prospect, farm, exclusion zones etc.,
  • Multi-curve LAS downhole geophysics data viewers and depth adjustments tools
  • Audit database for ISO/JORC compliant data

Reporting and data utilisation interface

  • Flexible & configurable data reporting tools
  • Mobile dashboard reporting
  • Period based stats reporting
  • Interactive QAQC reporting tools
  • Graphical strip logs
  • Data export to industry standard formats

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