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PGMs Industry Day (www.pgmsindaba.com) has established itself as a highly influential platform representing the views of the industry’s major stakeholders and brings together senior representatives from local and international mining companies, investors, government and users of PGMs. Major PGMs producers, investors, analysts and end users will discuss how the PGMs industry is changing, what the international trends are and what the future might hold.

Coal  & Energy Industry Day (www.coalindaba.com) brings together all the key stakeholders involved in the coal and energy supply chain – from government to miners, alternative energy producers, traders, logistics providers, investors, environmental and legal experts, independent consultants and more – to discuss and debate the way forward for the coal and energy industry in Southern Africa. Speakers will discuss how the coal and energy industry is changing, what the international trends are and what the future might hold.

Junior Indaba (www.juniorindaba.com) is known for its straight-talking and frank discussions and provides an annual update on the status of the exploration and junior mining sector in Africa.  The Junior Indaba takes a critical view of both the state of play in South Africa and the exploration and junior mining ‘hot spots’ in the rest of Africa. Local and international experts give their views on the latest political, economic and regulatory developments and why certain regions are succeeding in achieving a thriving exploration and junior mining sector.

Hydrogen Economy Discussion (https://www.joburgindaba.com/other-indabas/hydrogen-economy-discussion) will bring together all the key players, including mining companies, OEMs, investors, industry associations, hydrogen equipment suppliers, infrastructure providers and independent advisers, to debate South Africa can take advantage of its potential for producing and exporting hydrogen to create a completely new industry with significant contributions to GDP and employment.

Joburg Indaba (www.joburgindaba.com) is a highly regarded and influential industry platform which attracts an unparalleled line-up of CEOs, Government, investors and industry experts who come together to debate the critical issues facing the mining sector in South Africa. Speakers discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the industry including macroeconomic and political factors, how different commodities and sectors are performing, current energy challenges, the investment landscape, ESG, modernization, health & safety and much more.