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BMG’s screening products for the mining sector

BMG is committed to ensuring operational efficiency of light and bulk materials handling systems through the supply of a wide range of quality components, supported by technical resources, fabrication and field service capabilities.

Key components for efficient materials handling include screening media, with various surfaces and designs, to suit exact performance requirements.

“Selection of the correct product is based on the specific application, material size, desired throughput and required efficiency of the screen,” explains Chantelle Olivier, Product Manager, Materials Handling, BMG. “Other factors to consider include operating temperature, vibration and weight.”

BMG’s extensive range of screening products encompasses PU and rubber screen panels, side liners, spray nozzles, screen mounts, springs and rubber buffers.

Standard PU screen panels, with an 85 Shore hardness, have a dynamic load capacity and are designed for efficient operation in wet and dry applications. Special PU (PolyTuff) screen panels, with a 60 Shore hardness, have the properties of standard PU and rubber and improved flexibility from specially engineered plastics. These screens do not perish in elevated temperature environments and offer extended service life.

Woven wire mesh screens, which are designed for corrosion and abrasion resistance, are manufactured from high carbon, galvanised and stainless steel. The mesh screens are available in square, slotted, standard harp and tri-harp weave types, with an aperture range from 0.315 mm to 120 mm. Wire diameter ranges from 0,15 mm to 12,50 mm.

All standard over-hook options are available in the C shape, 45˚ hooks and flat. Other screening products include side liners, pins, sleeves and spray nozzles. Rubber buffers are manufactured from a natural rubber compound that withstands high frequency applications and prevents deterioration that would normally result from heat build-up. Also in the range are screen mounts, side clamps, perforated plates and nosing rubber. Wear liners – available in ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), rubber and Polyurethane (PU) – are suitable for chute, truck and side liners.


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