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Atlas Copco ZenergiZe energy storage systems – ZERO fuel consumption, ZERO CO² emissions, ZERO noise!

Atlas Copco ZenergiZe ZBC modular power plant application
When powered or charged by renewable sources, the ZenergiZe range of battery energy storage systems from Atlas Copco consumes zero fuel operating in island mode and produces zero CO² emissions when used as a standalone power source. At the heart of these powerful and compact units are high-density lithium-ion batteries which operate silently ensuring zero noise levels.
Owing to significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO² emissions, this clean, quiet energy source offers a profitable and green solution to operators, reducing their Operating Expenses (OPEX) and delivering a very low total cost of ownership. The ZenergiZe units are capable of a remarkable 40,000 hours lifespan which translates to more than 5 000 cycles or over 1 600 days of continuous operation without compromising on power and requiring virtually no maintenance. These battery energy storage systems present an ideal solution for noise-sensitive environments such as events, metropolitan construction sites, or telecoms. In addition to rental applications, these versatile units are also suitable for small businesses requiring smart power management as well as for large applications with multiple units.   
“Our medium 10kVA to 90 kVA and large 100kVA to 1000 kVA ZenergiZe ranges are defined by optimum performance, sustainability and flexibility, taking battery energy storage systems to a whole new level,” notes David Stanford, Business Line Manager, Portable Products, at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “The units can serve as either the primary or standalone power source, replacing a generator in noise-sensitive areas or where fuel fumes / pollutants are not permitted. If the application dictates, they can be combined with a generator to make a hybrid solution and enable smart load management. Furthermore, by combining the units with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, 100 percent sustainability can be achieved with these systems.”
Battery energy storage systems present a simpler way to capture and store renewable energy for immediate or later use, ready for delivery at any given time, thus serving as ideal short-term solutions in applications where there is no access to grid power or where there are low load issues. Atlas Copco’s large ZenergiZe units can work in parallel with other energy storage systems and act as the ‘brain’ of a microgrid, storing and managing the power coming from the different sources and regulating the load for each of the applications associated with the microgrid. “The fact that ZenergiZe energy storage systems have two operating modes (island and hybrid mode) allows the end-user to address any peaks in demands,” adds Stanford.
In the development of ZenergiZe, Atlas Copco has leveraged the advantages of the lithium-ion batteries namely sustainability, flexibility and usability, without compromising on power. As lithium-ion batteries are lighter than other technologies, these units are 70% more compact and also lighter in weight compared to traditional alternatives.  They are nevertheless capable of providing over twelve hours of power with a single charge, requiring only 1.5 hours to charge from empty to full. This weight and size reduction not only brings a ground-breaking level of versatility and usability but also facilitates transportation without the need for specialist equipment. These energy storage systems are easy to use, scale and install.
The two models in the medium 10kVA to 90 kVa range, the ZBP and ZBE, offer rated power of 15kVA and 45kVA and energy storage capacity of 45kWh. A wide range of socket options ensure hassle-free connection to a generator. With a small 1.5 m2 footprint, these medium range units are ideal for telecom installations in remote locations. In metropolitan construction sites, they can be used to balance out the peaks in demand and low loads.
There are four models in the large ZBC 100 to 1000 kVA energy storage system range offering the ideal solution for demanding applications that require a constant and significant flow of electrical energy. With rated power of 100kVA and 500kVA (depending on the model), the parallel capability of this range enables operators to scale with up to 30 ZBCs working in parallel in any power node. The ZBC can store energy coming from different sources and manage the power supply of small residential areas.

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