Angolan Ministry boost participation of companies in mining sector

Angolan Ministry boost participation of companies in mining sector

Angola’s Ministry for Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas is boosting the participation of national and Angolan companies in the country’s mining and oil industry.

Diamantino de Azevedo, who is in charge of the sector said implementation of the Local Content Law is underway in the oil sector, with a view to including Angolan companies, creating jobs and training national staff, in an environment of healthy competitiveness.

As part of this process, it was drawn up an instructive document, as well as the draft contract programme for national companies and Angolan companies. The minister, who was speaking at the opening of the plenary session of the Ministry’s 6th Consultative Council, said that technical meetings were underway with the main players in the sector to create synergies and ensure the creation of conditions for harmonious and effective application of the Local Content Law in the oil sector.


This project, according to the minister, has as its starting point the process of registering and certifying suppliers, the instructive for the regulation of Presidential Decree 271/20 and the preparation of lists of goods and services subject to the exclusivity and preference regime.

Diamantino de Azevedo asked for the engagement of all the sector’s stakeholders, to ensure the success of this action and thus make the inter-labour and commercial relations between national and foreign participants stronger and fairer. The success and the lessons learned from the law’s implantation will ensure the development and implementation of a similar regime for the mining sector.


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