Always tightened correctly


The power clamping nuts MCA and MCG from JAKOB Antriebstechnik are well-tried clamping devices in production. Up to now, the required nominal clamping force was precisely set by the user using a torque wrench. This is a sensible method for varying clamping forces, as the clamping nut can be used flexibly. However, if the same, constant nominal clamping force is always applied, time can now be saved and safety increased.

The new MCA-DB and MCG-DB variants extend the power clamping nuts with a preset torque limit. This means that a torque wrench is no longer required, a simple wrench is sufficient and the clamping force of the nut is always applied correctly. The torque limiter is built into an attachment that is preset by JAKOB to the required torque at the factory.

The MCA-DB and MCG-DB series cover nominal clamping forces from 60 to 200 kN. There is also the option of having existing power clamping nuts of the underlying MCA and MCG series expanded by the manufacturer to include the integrated torque limitation.


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