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ALROSA to reclaim tailings pit at Aikhal Processing Plant by 2029

ALROSA to reclaim tailings pit at Aikhal Processing Plant by 2029

ALROSA plans to reclaim the tailings pit of processing plant No. 8 at its Aikhal Division by 2029. The project worth over RUB 2.5 billion (USD 34.3 million) will seek to restore 650 hectares of land and have it planted with pine forests.

The tailings pit is located 1.2 km southwest of the village of Aikhal in the Sokhsolookh River valley in Yakutia, Russia. The decision to reclaim the facility followed the completion of mining at the Komsomolsky open pit and the closure of processing plant No. 8 at the end of 2020.

During the plant’s operations, tailings were stored in the tailings pit as a liquid slurry. In terms of environmental danger, the slurry belongs to the lowest hazard waste category (virtually non-hazardous waste or category 5 under the Russian Federal Law on Industrial and Consumer Waste). The tailings pit was a key hydrotechnical facility ensuring water recirculation at the processing plant: after the slurry settled in the pit, clarified water was fed back into the plant to be re-used in processing diamond ore.

The reclamation project will be implemented in two stages. The first stage will include draining the pit and restoring a part of the original course of the Sokhsolookh River back to its natural state.

Later on, from 2025 to 2029, the tailings facility will be dismantled, and work will be carried out to improve the land, dig drainage ditches, install waterproofing, lay fertile soil and landscape the area. To achieve this, 160,000 Scots Pine seeds have been sown in 2021 in a disused sand and gravel open pit not far from the Aikhal village. This conifer is not native to this area and does not grow locally on its own.

Once all the work is complete, the land beneath the tailings pit will be restored to its original condition and over 650 hectares of replanted area will be handed over to local authorities.


ALROSA has a strong focus on environmental, social responsibility and governance (ESG) and meets the very highest standards of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company implements over 500 community projects and nature conservation initiatives every year, allocating around 8% of its annual revenue to them as part of its global ‘Diamonds that Care’ programme. At a level of 20-25 bn RUB per year, ALROSA’s social and environmental investments are comparable in size with its investment in technical retooling, production facilities and infrastructure.

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