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Non-Flammable marking for mines

A Handheld solution makes marking easy and safe for African mines

Dy-Mark Global sees vast opportunities for mining companies in Africa to be had in switching from marking using traditional bucket and brush application to its flagship handheld non-flammable aerosol spray-based marking option.

Mining companies in Africa are in pursuit of different avenues which can enable their operations to be more cost efficient and productive, while ensuring compliance with requisite occupational health and safety and environmental regulations from pit to port. One area where there are potential opportunities to achieve this objective is in the procurement and application of marking paints.  

Taking safe and easier handheld marking to the African customer  

Dy-Mark Global sees the African mining sector as the next big growth avenue for its highly regarded Mine Marking Non-Flammable aerosol spray solution.  While the flagship mining-specific paint solution’s convenience and safety are highly valued, Hansen believes the company’s strong selling point is its capability to develop and refine aerosol paint technology systems for multiple markets. The company is well equipped to deliver the required volumes to mines in just about any country in Africa.

For mines in West Africa, Dy-Mark has a branch in Ghana well stocked and constantly replenished with new products. Customers also have the options of importing directly from the company’s operations in Australia.In engaging Dy-Mark Global, mining companies can be rest assured that they have a solution designed and developed for the specific needs of rugged environments, thanks to its technological knowhow. Through its robust Research and Developments capability, Dy-Mark can design new fit-for-purpose products,

When decision makers at mining companies are seeking for ways to ‘streamline’ their operations they focus on very visible and traditional areas like human resources and machinery. While marking with paint may seem trivial at face value, it is vital considering its versatile role.

Problems with the bucket and brush

At the outset, examining the problems of using bucket & brush marking paints manifest in several ways, makes one appreciate the relevance of a handheld aerosol spray painting solution better. The use of bucket & brush paints in narrow underground spaces is onerous, time-consuming, which can cause fatigue and loss of productivity. In addition, bucket paint application exposes personnel to possible bucket splash, spillage, and contact.

For the convenience of the end user, an ergonomic can design like Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking, eliminates the burden of marking using a brush. Thus, reducing fatigue when marking above or below ground.  

Considering the liabilities incurred from using bucket & brush paints for visibility marking, outweighs perceived benefits, adopting aerosol-based marking paints should be a business imperative.

Underground Safety First

As you would have thought, the conundrum that mining companies might face is separating the wheat from the chaff amongst products the vast range of making painting solutions that have swamped the market. Advising organisations to make informed decision, Jason Hansen, Dy-Mark National Sales Marketing Manager recommends aerosol spray non-flammable marking paints which are certified and proven to be safe and reliable, as well as meet expected performance standards.

The article also appeared on First Mining Drc-Zambia March/April edition

He references Dy-Mark Mine Marking Non-Flammable in extra tough cans, as a product that meets all the requirements for safe and highly visible marking in tough mining environments, above or below the ground. “Our non-flammable marking painting solution is fit for purpose in terms of safety and reliability, above and beyond performance,” he assures, demonstrating each of these features. Each batch of Mine Marking Non-Flammable is tested at a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure non-flammability and to meet performance criteria.


With performance proven in extreme conditions, Dy-Mark Mine Marking Non-Flammable delivers highly visible marking in underground mine and fire sensitive areas. “The paint is available in seven high quality colours with higher opacity to provide bright marks on mining surfaces in low light areas. Industrial grade resins in the paints provide high durability and adhesion to ensure the marks stick to rough surfaces on the first pass,” says Hansen.

Most importantly, two elements in the can which help mines improve productivity. Reliable performance in the field reduces downtime wasted on faulty product. Dy-Mark’s specially developed formula ensures no clogging, and the cans empty completely with no wastage.

Mine Marking Handle

Dy-Mark Mine Marking is available with a 360° valve which enables any direction spray and two nozzle actuator types – horizontal and vertical (inverted and upright) – for comfortable use in the desired application.

Aerosol versatile applications

Due to its features, Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking aerosol spray is versatile and suitable for marking out survey grid lines, for grading control, noting geological features and for identification of hazardous work areas.

Dy-Mark was established in 1964. With a dedicated manufacturing facility located in Brisbane, Australia, Dy-Mark has built a niche as a global leader in aerosol spray paint technology. Currently, Dy-Mark’s growing product range includes marking paints (aerosol and bulk varieties), inks and dyes, industrial markers and stenciling products, protective and decorative coatings, cleaners and solvents, and industrial packaging products.

Raising awareness for clients in Africa

Dy-Mark Global is keen to raise awareness about the quality and relevance of mining-specific non-flammable spray painting solution to potential clients in Africa in 2021 and beyond. The company is telling product specifiers in mining companies to avoid thinking that they may be saving costs by recommending the procurement of seemingly cheap marking solutions.

“There always a price for cheap products, especially in industries where, at all costs, players have an obligation to comply with legislation governing occupational health and safety, environmental practices and the business imperative to increase the bottom-line,” explains Malcolm Davies, Dy-Mark Export Sales Manager.

“Mining paints are not made equal, contrary to popular misconception and cheap has an expensive price attached to it,” he adds, informing mining companies to engage suppliers like Dy-Mark whose hand-held marking products have a credible track record in the industry.

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