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Tecknotrove brings VR training to Mines

Safety in the mining industry is a vital issue. Many workers are injured in mine-related accidents and some die everyday . Inadequate or insufficient training is often cited as a root cause for many mining fatalities. However, hands-on training in direct working environment provides only limited real-life opportunities and often fails to make a significant impact within the tense working environment itself. 

Tecknotrove develops Virtual reality-based training programs that enables trainees to practice in the real-mine working conditions without the associated risks. The VR  training prepares workers for entry into confined spaces . Trainees acquire all knowledge required to perform in confined spaces safely and efficiently. VR headset and controller immerses the learner quickly into the virtual environment and ensures engagement during training. The VR program allows the trainees to practice repeatedly with  in a safe environment until they master the skill . Special attention is given to gas measurement, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures during training . 

Upon successful completion o program trainees  are  be able to

  • Assess a confined space for entry, 
  • Prepare themselves for working in confined spaces 
  • Safely use equipment and personal protective equipment , 
  • Work confined space in accordance with procedures
  • Manage Emergency situations in confined spaces .
training workers on working in confined spaces

About TecknoSIM VR Solutions : Tecknotrove develops virtual reality solutions for enterprises across various industries. We stay focused on

client requirements and develop customized VR solutions that solve real industry challenges.  TecknoSIM VR solutions help our customers  gain competitive advantage through training their workforce in a cost effective manner. Our solutions  supplement or replace traditional training by user-friendly immersive content and training modules. Tecknotrove develop customised virtual reality solutions in multiple languages for  industries like Automotive, Airside, Mining and Nuclear

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