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Cleaning up liquid spills at mines

Strict health and safety regulations in the mining industry mean that any liquid spills in workshop areas or elsewhere need to be cleaned quickly and effectively. This is where a completely natural, mineral product called Gunge Spunge® is playing a major role. Produced by South African manufacturer Pratley, Gunge Spunge® is the ideal product for cleaning up any liquid spills, including petrol, diesel, oil, sewage and other nuisance liquids.

Sawdust and other flammable materials were traditionally used to clean up highly combustible hydrocarbons. This is not only ineffective but also potentially hazardous. In fact, many mines and municipal by-laws now prohibit their use. Gunge Spunge® offers the ideal solution in that it is extremely effective, non-flammable and eco-friendly, explains Pratley Marketing Manager Eldon Kruger.

Gunge Spunge® is processed from a specific mineral that is 100% naturally occurring and is completely non-toxic. Apart from its desiccating properties, whereby it absorbs moisture in confined areas prone to damp, it also has cation absorption properties, allowing it to absorb rather than mask odours. This ensures that odours are eliminated for good.

Extensive testing by Pratley’s world-class research and development team has proven the application of Gunge Spunge® in arduous operating environments such as mines. Gunge Spunge® is supplied in 12 kg bags, although special arrangements can be made for the larger quantities required by the mining industry in particular.

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