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The 3 Rs in managing tyre and conveyor belts’ waste

Used tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste today, due to the large volume produced and their durability-especially in mining. The same characteristics which make waste tyres a waste problem also make them one of the most re-used waste materials. Recycled tyre chips can be used for TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) which is a fuel used for heat plants and cement ovens or for equestrian (i.e. rubber mixed with sand or sawdust used in the horse industry as ground in the stable or at the tracks). Rubber granulate is reused in e.g. sports fields, artificial turfs, rubber mats and moulded products. Rubber powder can be reused in rubber paved asphalt. The recovered steel can be smelted and reused just like non-recovered steel. Finally, the liberated textile has a very high effective burning value and can therefore be mixed with other materials in order to increase that material’s effective burning value.

The protection of the environment through pro-active waste management processes remains at the forefront of both public and political awareness. Now more than ever, businesses need a reliable waste management partner to ensure that their waste products are dealt with in accordance with legislation and Environmental Agency standards.   

Witech Development Corporation (WDC) is a subsidiary of a larger Group of companies, all under the umbrella of ‘Witech’; Witech Africa est.1970 in SA, Witech France and Witech Black Sea in Sofia covering the European Balkan Region, Ukraine and Russia. The company was incorporated in 2018 mainly to help their clients develop their waste to energy business and to roll out tyre shredding equipment made in China.

WDC believes in the reuse, recycle and transformation of waste, be it just MSW or tyres. The recycling equipment will differ depending of the type of waste; it is a better option than landfilling a product that will take a 100 years+ to decompose- if ever- and which will worsen the pollution in the environment. The World generates 1.5 billion tyres wasted yearly!

In the recycling process, some of the factors that are put into consideration include the input type (type of tyres we are dealing with) and the output required; does the client want to simply reduce space and make use of the shredding material for various usage such as isolating material etc. or would the client want to transform the shredded material into fuel by way of pyrolysis which tech we can also recommend and develop for the mine?

WDC strives to come up with intervention and solutions that always improve both the client’s carbon footprint as well as its OPEX exposure. Their Tyre Recycling and shredding equipment are manufactured in China

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